Region: Piedmont


Description: an aromatized drink made of wine and strawberry with fine and fruity flavors. Excellent as an aperitif, with desserts as well as for cocktails or simply on its own.


Grape Type: fruit blend


Serving Temperature: Serve cool at 47 degrees F. 


The Toso Estate: this one century old winery is now one of the most modern facilities in Italy, combining tradition with modern vinification techniques. An early picking insures a higher acidity and a more floral bouquet. The grapes are crushed immediately to avoid any oxidation which might detract from the wine's aromas. The grapes are gently crushed and the juice is settled, centrifuged and filtered. The purified musts are placed in stainless steel tanks and held at near freezing temperatures which blocks completely any fermentation. The batch of must is then inoculated with special yeast and fermented in an autoclave to retain the naturally produced carbon dioxide. The fermentation is stopped by a rapid chilling when the wine reaches the desired ratio of alcohol (standardly 7%) to residual sugar ( 3-5% ). The wine is then filtered, bottled and immediately shipped to ensure the freshest product possible. 

Fragolino Toso (2017)