Region: Tuscany


Vol: 14.5%


Description: 100% Sangiovese. The story of the Lambardi family - once quality farmers in a small, family-run estate in the hills of southern Tuscany, today producers of broad, elegant wines - is the story of Brunello. Invented no more than 60 years ago with the isolation of a specific clone of Sangiovese, Brunello has rapidly become a very important style of wine, fully representative of the generous flavors of Tuscany. The nose is great, loaded with black fruit, Asian spice, sweet tobacco and earth. Take your time with this wine in the glass, it will unravel for days.


The producer: Lambardi is a rural company situated in Montalcino (Siena), an area particularly given to the cultivation of grapevines. The thirteen hectares of wines are lovingly cared for by the owner, Maurizio Lambardi, and high quality fruit is gathered from an area that is fortunately blessed with good soil and an excellent southerly exposure. The grapes are converted into wine with such skill as to merit the D.O.C.G..


Best with: Excellent with red meat and savory soups. It goes well with cheese not containing herbs.


Serving temperature: 61-65 degrees F.


How to keep: Conserve in a cool and dark cellar with a constant temperature making sure that it is in a horizontal position.

Brunello di Montalcino Canalicchio di Sotto Maurizio Lambardi (2010)

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