Region: France


Vol: 13%


Description: One of the most difficult yet rewarding grapes to grow, Pinot Noir is commonly referred to by winemakers as the “heartbreak grape.” However, the greatest red wines of Burgundy prove that it is unquestionably worth the effort. More reflective than most varieties of the land on which it is grown, Pinot Noir prefers a cool climate, requires low yields to achieve high quality, and demands care in the vineyard and lots of attention in the winery.


Taste: Pinot Noir Is all about red fruit, strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. It is relatively pale in color with soft tannins and lively acidity. It ranges in body from very light to the heavier side of medium, typically landing somewhere in the middle, giving it extensive possibilities for food pairing. With it can develop hauntingly beautiful characteristics of fresh earth, autumn leaves, and truffles.


Serving temperature: 61-65 degrees F.


Perfect Pairings: Pinot’s healthy acidity cuts through the oiliness of pink-fleshed fish like salmon, ocean trout, and tuna. Its mild mannered tannins don’t fight with spicy food, and give it enough structure to pair with all sorts of poultry, chicken, quail, and especially duck. Pinot Noir is also very vegetarian-friendly, most notably with any dish that features mushrooms.

Bourgogne Rouge "Pinot Noir" Domaine Francois Legros (2011)