About Us

Regarding the supplying, WST Wine is relying on the extensive experience of Pier Giorgio Manna one of the first 70th certify sommeliers in Italy, which have been importing wine in USA since 1974, he is the best experts at local, national and international level.

WST wines come from highly selected producers, cultivated and produced in the most genuine and traditional way. With a great respect of nature and traditions.

Our wines are mainly of Italian origin, but we also present interesting alternatives from the Mediterranean area.

We have established a very solid collaboration with selected key importers and producers.

We are able to quickly respond to specific requests from clients, identifying the  wines that better match their desires.

We have a very extensive set of wines already available in stock for fast shipping, but in case we may need to identify some new and more appropriate wines to import for our clients, we can find them through an efficient network of collaborators in Italy.

We pay an immense care of what our clients need and we always find the most appropriate wines for them.

Red, rosé or white wines. Sweet wines. Luxury or more affordable wines. Sparkling wines. Dessert wines. We have or we find all types of wine, the perfect match for our clients.


Our wines have just one thing in common: the quality !

Last but not least, in case you may be close to the Killeen (Texas) area, you can select and purchase your wine in person at our WST Wine Store.

Please contact us for all the information you may need. Thank you.

WST Wine (by We Select Texas Inc.) is managed by a team of people of great energy, focused on representing the excellence of "Made in Italy" in the USA.

In particular, WST Wine is responsible for the distribution on the territory, to restaurants, bars, wine clubs and online selling.